Continuing Education Opportunities for Summer and Fall of 2019

Online ETHICS Webinar -"Affirmative Counseling: Standards of Care and Ethics for Supporting Medically Transitioning* Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, and/or Non-Binary Clients"

Friday, September 13th, at 11:00am to 1pm

Ideal for behavioral health practitioners who have some experience working with transgender, gender non-conforming, and/or non-binary clients and would like to increase competence for those clients who may choose to medically transition. While people of all knowledge levels are welcomed, you may find this class to be more easily understood if you have taken either my July or August trainings, or another similar training from another provider covering 101 information. See flyer for details.

In Person Weekend Workshop, limited to 8 people -  Building an Affirmative Practice: The Ethics, Skills, and Knowledge for Working with Clients in the LGBTQIA+ Community

Date and times - TBD; 15 CEs with Ethics included

Topics will include LGBTQIA+ 101 (the basics) and more in depth topics like: ethical considerations regarding cross cultural exchanges, complexity around language, cultural humility, implicit bias, transaffirmative practices, #allyshipisaverb and more! Flyer coming soon...

Please note that one certificate for CEs will be provided per registration for any/all of the Online Webinars.

*Not all transgender/gender non-conforming/non-binary people medically transition and every transition process is unique and valid.