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Coaching and Consulting Opportunities


It is incredibly necessary for the folks holding power in family and organizational systems (parents, bosses, fellow counselors, etc) to be willing to pair actions with their expressions of allyship and intentionally do the work so the burden isn't always on vulnerable LGBTQIA+ folks to be experiencing harm AND educating others about the harm they're experiencing. There's so much to intentionally learn and unlearn. And I can help you and your organization do and be better!

I provide coaching and consulting services for individuals, families, schools, businesses, and other organizations. Examples include:

  • Clinical consultation for counselors looking to increase cultural responsiveness skills and/or LGBTQIA+ competence

  • Assistance setting up an affirming home environment for queer, transgender, non-binary, and questioning youth

  • Creating and sustaining LGBTQIA+ support in the school

  • Providing safer environments for trans students/staff/customers

I also provide customized trainings to meet folks' goals. Previous trainings and presentations have taken place at non-profits, state government organizations, elementary to collegiate level schools,  mental health clinics, libraries, conferences,  medical offices, and local businesses. Trainings range from one hour to two-day trainings, and curriculum is always titrated to specific needs. Examples include:

  • How to provide a safer space for LGBTQIA+ students/staff/customers/etc.

  • Practicing inclusive conversations

  • Ethical Considerations When Working with LGBTQIA+ Youth (therapist specific)

  • How to build an Affirming Working Environment 

  • Tips and strategies to address LGBTQIA+ harassment

  • Diversity in the workplace

Please contact me via email at for information about coaching packages, individual and group rates, and learning opportunities for your organization.

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