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About Jen


Welcome! Please call me Jen or Jenni -- never Jennifer... makes me feel like I'm in trouble. And if we've met, you've probably heard me say that before.

I am a counselor based in Boise, Idaho, who has a practice based on principles of social justice, equity, and advocacy. Additionally, I am currently Secretary of the Idaho Association for LGBT Issues in Counseling and served as Past President of the Boise State University's local chapter of Counselors for Social Justice. I am devoting my professional career to exploring challenges, barriers, and discrimination impacting marginalized individuals and communities while advocating for justice and human rights for all. In addition to counseling, I regularly provide trainings around the Treasure Valley to help educate and promote safer spaces and greater counselor competency. You can see more about that on the Consulting and Education section, if you'd like. I invite you to explore my website to become familiar with the services I provide and how you hopefully benefit from them. 

What Kind of Therapist Am I?

I get the question a lot about what makes a counselor a different kind of therapist than a psychologist, social worker, or psychiatrist. As mentioned below, I went to a three year graduate program, two of which were spent with intensive training on one-on-one and group counseling for over 1000+ hours working with clients and K-12 students. Licensed professional counselors have the most rigorous continuing education requirements as well as the highest hourly requirement for licensure (amongst non-medically licensed mental health professionals). I've decided to actively work to continue my training through regular supervision with a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (3000+ client hours) and anticipate achieving that higher licensure within the next one to two years.


Most of my educational hours were spent with teens, a population I feel connected to and love working with, and I also spent time facilitating drug and alcohol educational classes, too. I have researched and worked with children and teens using Child Centered Play Therapy and Activity Therapy, techniques which are developmentally appropriate and geared specifically towards youth populations. With anyone I work, be they 4 or 84, I am grounded in person-centered counseling and influenced by an intersectional feminist lens. Active listening, reflection, and search for meaning are core tenets of any good counselor, and I use these extensively as we indentify areas you want to target to be a healthier, happier you. I certainly won't be psychoanalyzing you -- I'll be listening and learning from you because I trust that you can show me the most about yourself, areas of triumphs and hurts, when you are safe and comfortable within our relationship. Your voice is the most important one in the room. And for my part, as we work together and if you think it'd help, I can offer skills of grounding, mindfulness, relaxation, anxiety reduction, art therapy, etc; these are all things we can practice together which, when you're ready, you can apply within your own life and community.

Background and Education

As a graduate with my Masters in Counselor Education from Boise State University and my prior work as a Case Manager and Community Based Rehabilitation Services worker, I have worked specifically in the mental health field in the Treasure Valley for over 6 years. I currently hold licensure as a licensed professional counselor in the state of Idaho (LPC 6408) and am continuing my professional development with the help of an experienced supervisor as well as through area, state, national, and international conferences and workshops. I have worked with children, youth, adults, and families from culturally diverse backgrounds, both in mental health and education here in the USA as well as serving as a K-8 educator abroad. I am an active and passionate member of the following professional organizations: American Counseling Association, Association for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counseling, Counselors for Social Justice, Idaho Counseling Association, and the Idaho Association of LGBT Issues in Counseling.​

At this time, Jen is not accepting new clients.

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